"Rakkaus ei koskaan häviä"(Love never fails)

A sculptural coat rack for Lepola Chapel in Kouvola (Kouvolan seurakunta). You can find a description of the design idea in pic. 3.

Candy Jar

A innovative candy jar in glass with a new, different manner of use. A fun way of eating candy.

This is a concept and needs to be developed further.

Coat rack

Innovative hanging. Concept design.


BBQ squeezer made in metal.

This stylish piece of design makes you look good while barbecuing.

Coffe/tea cup with saucer

The cup has a shape with room for fingers when holding the cup. The part where you hold the cup is thicker to avoid burning your fingers when holding the cup with hot beverage. The saucer has a shape for the thumb when carrying it and can also be used as a space for a spoon.

Concept design.

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