Illustration for Karhunkierros

Illustration for Ruka skiresort

Illustration proposal for Ruka ski-resort

Logo for Toni Lukander RX

Logo & logo graphic guideline for Kouvolan Rengaspalvelu

Räkä clothing Oy

My own clothing brand Räkä clothing where

I´m a co-founder and designer. The logo is designed by me.

Logo for Pihatyö Baker Oy

Logo for the landscape designer Pihatyö Baker Oy. The founder is from Canada so I wanted to show that somehow in the logo, thererof the maple leaf is inside the letter A.

Logo for Fröken Wiolas blomster-verkstad

Logo for the flowershop Fröken Wiolas blomster-verkstad. The grey stem of the flower symbolizes FW, Fröken Wiolas initials, it can also symbolize SW like the founder´s initials.

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